Honda CB750 Automatic Sold  (other manuals available)

This is a very rare find in Australia or anywhere else !! AUTOMATIC EASY TO RIDE

It is well kept and in unrestored condition (dent in tank see pic). This will make a great addition to any collection.



These were the first modern mass produced 4cyd motorcycles and it raised the bar for quality and finish, reliability and performance for all those that came afterwards….

Competitively priced in its time with new options like disc brakes, electric starter and 750cc 4cyd engines

These quickly became the market leaders with clean styling and a class leading top speed combined with ease to ride these were the first ever motorcycles to be tagged with the name “Superbike”


priced at $6500 also manuals available


1979 honda 750 low miles limited aniversary edition twin cam model,


CBX 1979 honda 6 Cylinder motorcycle for $12,000 Two in stock