John Cooper loves ALL Classic Cars.

John’s passion for cars began as a young man and he became a fully qualified automotive mechanic in 1974, and has not looked to any other industry since.

His whole career has been based around cars including owning and running Park Lane Chauffeured Limousines, Coopers Accessible Vehicles and Flashcab Australia.

Most weekends/Nights are spent in the garage restoring his latest classics. John’s passion has passed down to his sons with them starting their own collections and Adam also becoming a qualified mechanic.


Why we began to import?

What originally began as a Hire cars  (Park Lane) collection turned into a hobby collection in the late 90’s, John’s collection of cars then changed from British to American cars, the ability to find the right quality and style’s of vehicles in Australia was not possible.

So after a few trips to the USA, many contacts were made and a small private collection of cars were imported.

Once they arrived and were on the road, occasionally friends would ask John to find a certain car and would he be interested in handling the imports given the success of his own vehicles arriving safely without hassle.

And so another car based business was born… CoopersClassicCars