1960 Chrysler New Yorker Restored

60 CHRYSLER – CUSTOM, HOT ROD, not ’57 Chev, 59 Cadillac


Here is a ‘WOW’ car to drive and have fun, never mind it is maybe one of best driving 60s cars – just doing these photos stopped passing traffic, and bought kids/teenagers up to ask what is it, and how big is the engine – amazing!!!


Chrysler in the US in 1960 leapfrogged the opposition with their new ’60 range cars. They already had from 1957 a new front suspension that angled/tilted the upper and lower arms, thereby eliminating the front of the car rising and falling as one accelerated/braked – near 10 years ahead of GM and Europe/UK. This car just puts smiles on you face the way it drives so well.


And the 1960 models continued 1957’s brilliant new 3speed Torque flight Automatic transmission – at the lights the car just gets up and goes with seeming no throttle, the shifts just perfect re revs/power/results – you just look back in the rear view mirror, and wonder why the rest of traffic is still back leaving the lights.


Add in 1960’s 413 cubic inch motor – it was basis of later famed 440 wedge and 426 Hemi Mopar motors, and you can see why this New Yorker makes any ’57 Chev or ’59 Cadillac just cars to look at, not drive if driving for enjoyment!! Just touch throttle, and it goes like a rod, modified other cars.


But there is more – in 1960 Chrysler adopted using the body as the frame – today’s and race practice principle – the body is welded so strong/rigid, it gives amazing handling and total silence/rigidity – it makes most other cars seem flabby and jellyfish like. So safe if have friends/family with you.


And THEN ADD THE FINS, THE ASTRODOME DASH WITH ELECTRONIC LIGHTING, ETC ETC. And just small detail like the ‘grille mounted ‘Chrysler Leaping Gold Lion’ – only on 413 equipped cars. And that the car has power windows, etc etc.


And the car was also maybe one of driest ever survivor body cars before work started, plus no damage, plus much of chrome so good, it still near show – check out the tailights, the chrome still so good, and the lenses that are so hard to find good, are near perfect still.


I did the car to keep, enjoy, but I have realised I have too many cars, work pressures rarely allow me to enjoy any, and I must sell it to get space/time to enjoy ones that maybe will not ever drive as well or nice as this – the car has some very small things that still can (if you wish) be finished better, but otherwise take it to any cruise or car show and you will be amazed at the fun you have, plus the crowds it draws – refer to the photos for condition.

All the hard stuff - like professional quality repaint, new interior headlining etc etc HAS BEEN DONE -  it has had a fortune spent on doing things right – like all new US brakes, shocks, suspension parts, new diff seals, etc – I am quitting WAY BELOW COST to genuine buyer that wants to make genuine offer – NO TEXTS, just phone me or email, NO TIME WASTERS OR DREAMERS.  A rare car even in US – sadly few as nice/optioned as this left.